MakingITwork for you

  • Our endeavour
  • Our resolve

About Us

fedupwithIT was initially created to deal with the countless difficulties faced by non-IT literate business users and the many small businesses, particularly those who do not have their own dedicated specialist IT staff. We deliver solutions that now also go much beyond just technology as tailored services by way of consultation, lectures, or coaching to any number of individuals.

The concept and original ideas for this venture were put together by the proprietor, David A. Griffith, after making a series of observations, seeking suitable alternatives to address major problems, and challenging authorities on established practices over the years. We firmly believe that real success is measured in the achieving, not in the having achieved and will embark upon any new initiative with a true sense of purpose. It's all about the challenge and we just love those challenges you bring to us!

Our resolve
Our mission, vision, and values provide the cornerstone that gives us that sense of purpose and conveys the means by which we approach our work and conduct our activities; whereas our motto, by contrast, has a much narrower focus and defining point while being the reason we exist and to extend our infinite promise to you, the customer. Our values emanate from our very own core principles and are also both complementary and fully interchangeable in design, desire, and execution with our objectives.

Our mission

To inspire people, through creating useful learning experiences and increasing awareness.

Our vision

To build on our core services by improving the user learning experiences through adaptive practices and innovative techniques, simultaneously adding more industries and introducing newer technologies.

Our values

  • be consistent
  • be decisive and firm, but fair
  • be committed to continual improvement
  • never argue with a customer, nor make promises you cannot keep
  • there should be no surprises

Our objectives

  • administering high professional standards in all our work
  • having compassion and a healthy respect for everyone we encounter
  • embracing new concepts and cultivating fresh ideas
  • acknowledging our customers will always have high expectations
  • recognising that a pleasant experience is the right outcome