Pokemon No-Go?

This latest incarnation of the Pokeman series is about to be unleashed here in the UK and there are those who already have and are actually playing using the beta release, but is this going to be a good thing for us all or the perhaps the beginning of all things to come so silly?

As with all new releases there are the inevitable problems to iron out and sitting around waiting for a long while trying to connect to the server, just as we did this weekend, is most frustrating. And the verdict? Well I can honestly say that the wait was well worth it though as the sheer simplicity of overlaying the game-play on real surroundings using the Camera and GPS for interacting with the game is just inspired as you really get immersed and emotionally involved too, so what’s the problem then?

Just as drinking alcohol often impairs ones’ ability to be in total control of ones’ faculties, unfortunately the ‘game’ has the potential to allow even the more sensible among us to do some rather stupid things or even actually expose a few unfortunates into becoming victims of crime. I have myself just seen someone miss their bus stop while travelling and also read those early reports of playing the game while driving, cycling, or riding a skateboard but I am also sure this will not be the end of such madness and we can all have a good laugh about it too – but the luring of innocents to perpetrate a crime is most sinister.

I love the game and see no reason at all that we should try to control its use beyond our own common-sense but I would be much happier if the makers would implement some control methods of their own to suspend a game in progress if there were some danger detected or capture the coordinates or the IP Address of those who would be so cruel. Combined use of the Camera, GPS and an A.I. algorithm or fail-safe, for instance, could quite easily discern the difference between an innocent foray and a potentially dangerous scenario which should be avoided!

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