In the interests of being fair to our politicians…

Having recently written about just how bad our politicians can be, I can also now show some humility on some of the good work that the Prime Minister, Theresa May, has quietly achieved almost completely unnoticed by the masses. Measures such as the equal pay initiatives and questioning the role of the BBC having their presenters being paid in disproportionate amounts by forcing the publication of those figures, positively promoting women and ethnic minorities in the workplace, and pushing harder to secure the forthcoming release of our fellow British Iranian Citizen, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, being ‘illegally’ detained in Iran for no good reason, through extending diplomatic status to her in order to enhance her standing and simultaneously raising the political stakes with Iran. Well done, but please just don’t let her down now after all the pain and anguish that the family has already suffered!

Alas, as PM, she will forever be both mired and tainted by many for allowing our present position with the EU to deteriorate to this historically low point, or perhaps even actually admired too by some on her remarkably-stoic stance on Brexit; I mean quite frankly, who in their right mind would want to be PM right now??? This is also much in keeping with the way Margaret Thatcher did her bidding on the ‘delicate’ matters concerning her fights with the militant striking miners, curtailing the powers of the unions by imposing voting restrictions to both cause and effect a total all-out strike and the anti-secondary picketing measures implemented, and the devastating public unrest caused by the proposed and hugely unpopular local community poll tax that absolutely everyone, rather than the homeowner as previous, was required to pay; and as Bob Marley did so exquisitely put it then, ‘There is so much trouble in the world’; but I say that we should also give some credit where credit is due and we’re only ‘Human’ after all, says the Rag ‘n’ Bone Man.

I do mention too that the Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, must also have had a huge part to play in her release and has now immeasurably gone up much higher in my estimation. Having previously been the ‘bad boy’ of the Conservative ‘Tory’ Party for his preceding calamities, while serving both as the Culture & Media Secretary and the Health Secretary under David Cameron; stand him now right next to his beleaguered colleague, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, who is quite literally throwing away good public money on major transport decisions with measures that can only ever be defined as being very poor in judgement, and with multiple instances of gross incompetence formerly as Justice Secretary too thrown in for good measure – like removing the rights of prisoners to having access to books and considering the removal of their right to vote, and he, (Jeremy Hunt), could quite plausibly make an ideal candidate for their next leader. After all he did do so much better than Boris Johnson when he too previously served as Foreign Secretary and given the same opportunity to resolve the issues with Iran, while on occasion making the odd serious gaff in the process too; yet there are many who still think that Boris as PM is still a distinct possibility, quite astonishing really!

I am neither ‘knocking’ nor ‘praising’ the Tories and do normally consider myself either apolitical or neutral – this just happened to be the one good positive topic on which to speak given the dire news headlines on Brexit of late. Please don’t even get me started on the sheer madness currently within the Labour Party, both with their non-existent Leadership on any serious matter that needs some guidance and consistency with a unified voice – and the anti-Semitism problem that just won’t go away, otherwise you would have me writing more than just the next blog piece, what a shambles! Besides, if you really want to know ‘What’s going on’, (Marvin), then I suggest that you tune in to LBC London Radio 97.3 at 10:00 am each weekday and listen to a man who does, [Sir] James O’Brien. Well, actually he has not been given a knighthood yet, but it can’t be too much longer before that should be put right!!! In one classic gem, he suggests that our politicians only take more notice of the knife-crime problem when white ‘middle-class’ individuals start getting killed, at which point those crass politicians begin to panic and start to think of the ramifications to their chances of being re-elected – is he right???

My heart and much sympathy goes out to the Work & Pensions Secretary, Amber Rudd, who is now being ‘pummelled’ for a ‘mis-speak’ while attempting to stand up for a fellow politician who is also a prominent front-bench black member of the opposition Labour Party, Diane Abbott. In her defence, she meant no offence and but for the use of the word ‘Coloured’, her statement would normally have been met with much applause given the current terrible levels of abuse that our public figures are regularly exposed to. As a black person myself, there is truly a wider issue at stake with the unconscious bias at all levels in society and the sooner we recognise and acknowledge this, the sooner we can bring in measures to address this, (see my previous blog post on this subject), and ultimately the sooner then we can bring about a resolution and not a revolution as many of the far right groups would seem to prefer, in this instance I mean to offend!!!

I have experienced this treatment of unfavourable bias many times and have also been disadvantaged and Baroness Warsi, a former co-Chair of the Tories, has spoken of this problem towards Muslims within her own party too, but Amber Rudd really does not deserve the kind of vitriol being sent towards her. In fact I am more at odds with the rather crass response from Diane Abbott, that she probably thought was well-meaning but I thought to be extremely unhelpful, than any notion of bad intent from Amber Rudd and should perhaps instead consider using her valuable time improving on her, (Diane Abbott), previous disastrous performances in public and then not having another ‘meltdown’, like the one on LBC with Nick Ferrari, and also going into hiding, like just before the last general election, ‘When the Going Gets Tough!’ Just ask Billy Ocean to sing this to you – he will tell you how! She, (Amber Rudd), has now apologised and will also have a much greater appreciation in future as to why her words caused such a storm, but I can categorically say that there are people out there by the bucket load who are far, far worse than her both purposefully and subconsciously, and NEVER get held to account – scary!

And finally, last but not least, congrats to Steve Allen at the same radio station for winning the prestigious Gold Award at the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards two nights ago in London. ‘Mr Writer’; why don’t you tell it like it is, why don’t you tell it like it really is, before you go on home – say the Stereophonics. Well I can assure you that this man really does as many a ‘bad’ celebrity or public figure who steps out of line will testify – well done Steve! Honestly, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!!

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