Why can’t I have my Brexit cake and eat it?

In the early seventies, soon after leaving The Beatles, Paul McCartney released a song that ‘ruffled’ more than just a few ‘feathers’ – so much so that it was subsequently banned by the BBC. That song, I so vividly remember, was called ‘Give Ireland Back To The Irish’. The man quite literally turned from ‘hero’ to ‘zero’ overnight and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that he may also have gone into hiding at that time to avoid the ‘fallout’ from the resulting near-nuclear ‘explosion’ that he helped to create; I mean – ‘How dare he! Who does he think he is?’ – would perhaps have been the official response. Time, however, is also a great healer of ‘wounds’ and such ‘mis-deeds’ and the ‘Rebel, Rebel’ Paul McCartney, (David Bowie), has now been allowed back into the fold and become Sir Paul McCartney, how times have changed.

The whole of the Brexit debate has been hijacked by the dreaded ‘backstop’ and the very strong desire by all parties, rightly so, not to return to those sad, hard, and brutal times when having a hard border, with both designated and manned crossings in operation, between the North and the South of Ireland caused so much unrest, illegal and criminal activities. There was also an abundance of those individuals on both sides who would commit a terrible atrocity and then promptly ‘Run to the hills’ (Iron Maiden) and make their escape to safer ‘home’ territory.

But, Brexit (STILL) means Brexit after all – or does it now, given the very weakened position of our Prime Minister still ‘Running up the hill backwards’, Kate! Basically speaking – I say that without the Irish ‘problem’, we would not be fighting quite so hard for the now ‘non-existing’ backstop and still having to accept the consequences of being so heavily compromised within the strenuous negotiations as currently being conducted by the E.U. negotiating teams and member nations hell bent on protecting their own interests.

That way we can then go ahead and leave that monstrous autocratic and bureaucratic entity once and for all and let them, (Germany, France, Italy, et al), get on with the main agenda for the Euro and their European Super State, complete with the mandatory individual surrender of the sovereign identity of each member state for the ‘greater good’ – ironically, both being something that we would never be likely to sign up for anyway, even if we were to remain in the E.U. – just as before when we declined to join the exchange rate mechanism, the dreaded ERM. This is why we should continue the primary focus and must leave and deliver the ‘will of the people’, Theresa!

Their reasoning for this super state is very sound and by very design meant to prevent the potential for another disastrous local or global conflict, and ultimately ‘protect’ themselves from dear ‘uncle sam’ too! But we, (here in Britain), are ‘Islanders’, or ‘Isolationists’, if you prefer, and have never directly experienced this kind of constant fear from land-locked marauding near-neighbours ready to take up arms on the whim of some ‘mad’ royal ‘tyrant’ or ‘slighted’ politician standing up for the ‘national interest’ – ready to then send in the troops – like Tsar Nicholas II did before he too was deposed; other than participating in the Battle of Waterloo and two World Wars with such a terrible waste of life, in the lifetime too of some survivors who truly know what real tragedy is on witnessing their best buddies perish. (Take note all you non-Brexiteers, please do be so very careful what you wish for, especially if these outcomes then become conditional to remain, which then further weaken our own ambitions!)

I may now be speaking controversially and out of turn, but BREXIT is not an E.U. problem! It is our problem that has never gone away since the state of Ireland was created in 1949, long after the previous division of the north and the south, and sectarianism from those within all parts of Ireland then soon came to the fore. That was a fundamental existential problem at the core to the fight taken up by the then IRA and has now both gradually and steadily been on the increase again with the current dissident group now resorting to sending out the bombs again, like we once had so rife here in the UK when the IRA then decided to ‘share’ their concerns with the British by bombing us too! Once again this is giving credence to my alluding to the fact that we have always failed to bring about a proper solution to the statute book, one that is acceptable to all parties, something that the DUP can deploy as their ‘masterstroke’ to ‘beat us up with’ at any time of their choosing – despite them ‘receiving’ their huge ‘loyalty’ payment from our PM in order to ‘help us’, (Well OK, just the Tories then after their near-total collapse at the last general election), but only when it suits! Surely they are ‘aving a ‘laugh’ at our ‘expense’ by now not supporting the government!

It can only ever be a bad thing after the previous troubles that Northern Ireland no longer has a fully-functioning parliament and instead resort to again being ruled from Westminster, but alas, our government cannot seem to keep their ‘eye on the ball’ for long enough and always seem to have much bigger ‘fish to fry’, particularly as the possibility of another snap general election grows ever stronger, (with Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM too perhaps!). We are all now very frightened at the prospect of returning to those dark days – but we, (Great Britain & Northern Ireland), brought about this current ‘Crisis, what Crisis’ as Supertramp did label an album, into being and this is ultimately not a problem created in Strasbourg!

I will probably now be castigated and receive much the same treatment that befell Sir Paul back in the (USSR) day. I can only live in the hope that I too will one day will be forgiven for daring to utter such an atrocious remedy to a very big problem. In my mind, we are all asking the wrong questions and the government is being far from honest with the public by not spelling out in simple terms those looming, lingering ambitions of the European Member states, and as we were so instrumental in creating the foundations for the Europe that we have today – we should also be having this part of that debate live too – right up there along with the other main backstop issue. To each his own, as once said by Sam Cooke! (p.s. Sorry, Sir Paul for dragging this all up again and I may need to come to you for a ‘contribution’ after this, my very own ‘revolution’, in order to keep going!)

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