Brexit: A mess created in tory heaven, or hell…

…you decide.

If like me, one is tempted to find out why we are in such a mess with the dreaded Brexit, then one could perhaps temporarily put that heated debate to one side and instead closely examine and heavily scrutinise how we ever got into quite such a ridiculous situation in the first place!

They, (the vast majority within the Conservative Party), did not ‘like’ Boris Johnson and ‘anyone’ but him was the mantra they adopted to put a stop to him becoming leader at ‘all costs’. Theresa May was revered by many as a steady pair of hands after a long stint at the Home Office who would be ever so safe and scandal-free, (pre-Windrush, of course), and became their solid de facto automatic first-choice for leader, then even more so when Andrea Leadsom ‘blundered’ by clumsily making a reference to her ‘not understanding’ not having been a ‘mother’ herself – with just those two candidates remaining in the race to become the next party leader, and in doing so then destroying any last glimmer of hope of her winning the position herself, (but is now finally getting her ‘revenge’ too by ‘sticking the boot’ in as the last ‘true’ Brexiteer left in the cabinet, ouch!)

This is your mess!!! YOU, (the tories), wanted her! But do be so very careful what you wish for as a ‘safe’ candidate and ‘steady’ pair of hands ‘doth necessarily not’ a good leader make! Even now, the prospect of them getting ‘rid’ of her is too much to contemplate so the only possible and viable option, like her Brexit deal, is to ‘keep’ her where she is, (for now at least), absolutely incredulous! The tories have always been indifferent over the E.U. as evident from the early throws when Margaret Thatcher went over there, (Brussels), to ‘sort them out’ and get a rebate. We then had David Cameron trying to do the very same thing, failing miserably and ‘crying’ foul play during his ‘game’ – like a ‘baby’, and setting up this whole Brexit mess by starting out the debate on nothing more than the ‘whim’ of a promise for a referendum caused by the E.U. refusing to ‘play’ too! – If, (I, David), I do of course mean, (We), ‘do not get our way’; and then launching his project fear ‘campaign’, before finally ‘weeping’ that he did not want to ‘play this game’ anymore and quit the very next day after losing the Brexit remain vote – Talk about toddler ‘tantrums’ and not ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water!’ So how on earth did we ever come to allow this to happen at all?

I can recall being on a management course once and the subject of leadership came up and I spouted out my usual ‘tongue-in-cheek’ trademark ‘rubbish’ rhetoric, (this being one of the reasons why they did actually call me ‘luci’, short for lucifer – the devil); and promptly said, ‘Leaders are born and not made!’ – to which the lecturer then ‘parked’ this comment to one side to deal with later before continuing to write down my next parody, (the poor woman starting out that day not having expected such a testing time and having to deal with a very, very trying ‘smart ass’ in the midst!)

I made good the reference to a previous incumbent, (the Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith), when the curator of Madam Tussaud’s at that time did decline to include his waxwork as part of the exhibits. As a Major, (John), political figure and leader of the opposition, it is usually considered a right of expedience that such a prominent person would have a wax effigy, (or dummy if you would prefer), on display; but alas, true to ‘form’ with the tories regularly ‘backing the wrong horse’ for their leader, as the ‘peoples favourite’ never seems to actually ‘win’ the race to the finishing line, (William Hague being another instance), the curator did then issue a statement to the essence of him, (Duncan Smith), as being ‘uninspiring and lacking a public presence!’ Did she get it right? I wonder???

‘Way to go lady!’ I do recall this being my own reaction to this little ‘nugget of gold’ and so it seems to me that they, (the tories), will forever continue to struggle while they fail to recognise that a good leader should actually be a person who carries the bare essentials as personal attributes, including those of grace and charm, poise and panache, and lastly honesty, integrity, and credibility, (these last ones being the reasons why that ‘mad man’ from the tories with the ‘floppy hair’, previously mentioned, would otherwise not make the grade in my opinion); just like they did when we had the likes of Palmerston, Gladstone, Disraeli, Wellington, and Pitt (both the elder and younger), who would have each been a national figurehead worthy of merit based upon their unsurpassed abilities alone, rather than purely just being the candidate supported by the ‘voice of the mob’, Jeremy C!

You would think that they could have learned something from that infamous previous episode, (Neville Chamberlain – gleefully ‘waving his piece of paper’ prior to that really bad ‘mad man’, Adolf Hitler, then marching his troops into the then sovereign state of Czechoslovakia in 1939), and put measures in place that would never allow such a ‘mishap’ to occur again, but alas all we keep hearing is the ‘lessons will be learned’; but Albert Einstein did say that the definition of Insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, such a shame then that the tories have never learned this particular lesson in life and by definition can only ever be classed as ‘being insane’ by my previous reasoning and reckoning. Interesting times now lay ahead and the choice of the next leader will most certainly soon put that assertion to the test.

What makes a good leader then you might ask? Well this is arbitrary but I can provide one quite obvious suggestion, being that of the exemplary conduct of how to behave in public office as given by the New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. Perhaps if we had more like her, (and less of the other crazy ‘mad men’ with ‘orange’ or ‘jet black’ hair potentially threatening a nuclear war), the world would be a better and much safer place. (Q. How many classes of ‘mad men’ are there?)

A good leader is selfless and works for the good of people, Donald. (‘Me Myself I’ by Joan Armatrading), ‘suddenly’ comes to mind as he is always ‘nickin’ songs without permission at his ‘bear-baiting’ rallies; with little concern of their own personal standing. In less than a week after those tragic shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, their PM was front and centre and directing operations in person, working with all parties. Now compare and contrast this to another national disaster much closer to home in the UK, called the Grenfell Fire, and right here the similarity ends. Here we have our own PM, who does also act and do and say the right things, (particularly to the media), but only seems to do so in secrecy or when several other considerations are favourable. Am I being unfair? Do please examine what happened next in both situations and assess this for yourselves! (‘By the way’, there’s another song(s) up there in case you missed it, Billy!)

I do also know that a good leader does not ‘throw away’ a big majority in the house of commons then get all ‘pally’ with a ‘bunch of nutcases’ holding her to ransom, and later preside over the largest commons defeat in living memory, before then losing the confidence of major figures within her own party repeatedly voting down her proposals, and incredibly have cabinet ministers also challenge her authority and then not force them to resign, and finally expect to come out ‘smelling of roses’ either; but these are indeed interesting times Donald Tusk, (as he profusely shakes his head once again in despair after yet another ‘dead-end’ meeting with Theresa!) Once again, Mr & Mrs Tory, please do be so very careful what you wish for, otherwise you just, just, just May get it!!!

p.s. (Please) Don’t worry (Appleton), (Sir), (or) Monsieur, (if you prefer), (Theresa) May – may soon be gone come this May, or sooner! – and Brian (May), We (the tories), Are (no longer) The Champions!

(Read the previous passage by using just the bold text first time round, then all the words on the second pass! This being reminiscent of those ‘pictures’ that would ‘swap’ by tilting them at a slight angle!)

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