The big elephant in the room…

Part I (The narrative)

This post is a portrayal of what the picture potentially looks like if we remain in the European Union; a very graphic one at that too!

Now here’s a thing. Everyone who takes notice of all of the tiny details, particularly those among us, (Nigel Farage), that then still do reside in the corridors of power within the E.U. Chambers, (also receiving a good fat salary and generous pension benefits while poking them in the ‘eye’ too!), is very aware of the potential shortcomings and pitfalls with the proposals in the making that have yet to emerge in full; but then chooses to remain silent on any of those looming issues for fear of rocking the boat, (eh, Jeremy); or ignores those issues and instead presses on with their own agenda as this is, after all, far too great an opportunity to pass up and get noticed, (eh, Nigel)

Having previously been a senior manager myself, the notion that providing quality information for decision-making purposes was repeatedly ‘drummed’ into me, so much so that I would not dare go into one particular director’s office unless there were three comparable quotes from reputable suppliers, lest I would be sent back out to the ‘sin bin’ with my card marked, don’t come back until you do better! (Thanks Gordon!) Of course the man was right and I learned so much from him too on lot’s of other things, but Nigel Farage, Jeremy Corbyn, and Theresa May, and many others from the tories, do have access to a wealth of talent far more capable than I, but this one does appear to have ‘passed them by?’

REALLY? I think not! No, We can be certain that they are very much aware and I would be willing to surmise that vested or party interests are allowed to take precedent over what would otherwise be considered good for ‘joe public’ – so they quite contemptuously treat us like ‘mushrooms’, keeping us in the ‘dark’ and feeding us with those very ‘smelly’ roses!

I truly do not understand how so little of this is ever even mentioned in the press or the media, and most certainly doesn’t receive even the remotest reference to frame an argument in public on the merits as to why we could actually be better off leaving after all James O’Brien, (who staunchly believes otherwise!) There still remains this big clamour for a second referendum too that will probably, in all likelihood, produce a similar result to that of the first one as peoples’ views do only ever seem to harden and their positions then become even more entrenched, and also risking the alienation of those original Brexiteers!

‘Hide In Your Shell’, from their album Crime Of The Century, is my blog post feature song from Supertramp, and IS this not in essence precisely what we are all actually doing with the Brexit debate by not discussing ‘ALL’ the options, and skulking away in the corner ‘closet’, hiding from thosedemons‘, as the song goes on to say and still ‘remains the same‘, (Led Zeppelin)! This to me is akin to first playing a round of poker with just 26 cards on the table, then when the outcome from that game has been determined, promptly reveal the other cards from the full deck of 52 cards that are no longer hidden, and you are now having the ‘game of your life’ trying to recover your current, but now depleted, position because you were so disadvantaged the first time round. I grew up listening to this album as a teenager and when I hear that song, everything all becomes so clear – what I do is first think of the song, then retrospectively re-examine the current situation and know that ‘everything’s gonna be alright‘, Bob Marley!

Just take a look, (‘At My Girlfriend’); (No, not her!), just at the next few lines from the first chorus in the first song mentioned, as below, and see those really close parallels that we also share with the current Brexit debate!

‘Too frightening to listen to a stranger’,
‘Too beautiful to put your pride in danger’,
‘You’re waiting for someone to understand you’…

‘But you’ve got demons in your closet (you’ve got demons in your closet)’,
‘And you’re screaming out to stop it (and you’re screaming out to stop it)’…

…and also ‘if everyone was listening‘, or in fact anyone else from the band for that matter too, and did strongly object to my using this song without permission, then I would remove this reference(s) from the post immediately and apologise! I am hoping though that the free ‘plugs’, and artist exposè, will be reward enough for my ‘acts’ of plagiarism! After all, I cannot first criticise Donald Trump for playing music without permission, from those artists who strongly object to him doing so, at his rallies and then go and do that very same thing here on my blog myself, can I? (Note to self: ‘Don’t be a hypocrite!’)

This next post now features a conversation that I recently had with an ‘ardent’ non-Brexiteer who was adamant that we remain within the E.U. at all costs, but then continuously tries to evade those ‘massive questions’ that nobody in the public, our media and press, or our politicians ever want to talk about, ‘The big elephant in the room…’

(I saw a mouse, where – there on the stair, right there – a little mouse with long ears…) Well they do say that elephants ARE frightened of mice? So maybe we should bring some of those with us the next time we ignore that huge ‘hell of a lump’ or ‘heffalump‘, and help chase the thing, (Brexit), away from us for good!’

(Read the previous passage [beginning Hide In Your Shell] by using just the bold text first time round, then all the words on the second pass! This being reminiscent of those ‘pictures’ that would ‘swap’ by tilting them at a slight angle!)

Part II >>

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