Is Sajid Javid vying for next Tory Leader?

… and should we let him???

First came notification of an increase in funds being granted to the Police, with the ‘Tories’ having just quietly ‘shaken’ that magic ‘money’ tree again to release those otherwise non-existent, (‘mysterious and quickly disappearing’), funding provisions. Then came the new ‘get tough’ approach that was quickly followed by that ‘super conference’ on the knife crime issues, where all of the current British Society ‘problems’ would be resolved after just a single meeting with those ‘all–powerful’ heads present, NOT! Next came the all new ‘get tough’ message with proposals presented for the social media companies to be held to task for first not being responsible enough, and then later for not responding quickly enough, to root out both the extremism and the unsuitable content; being posted by those unsavoury individuals and extremist groups across those sometimes multiple user accounts, often created by just the same person(s).

Fast forward from there, the Home Secretary Sajid Javid has recently tweeted: “I can confirm Julian Assange is now in police custody and rightly facing justice in the UK.” Please, please, please whatever you happen to be doing, just for a moment, STOP to ask yourself this one very simple question. Why now? Why do this at all, and why do this today? More politicking, that’s why! In reality, this can only ever be a timed decision made with political intent and ‘delivered’ in a (not so) timely manner given that Assange has been at the Ecuadorian Embassy for so very long, (7 years?), and they have only just now decided, all of a sudden, to make that arrest – very suspicious indeed, why otherwise then did he tweet this personally – rather that just simply allow the police to get on with the arrest, like they usually do, during normal operations?

I would politely suggest that he was deliberately ‘manipulating’ the news headlines of the day by blatantly ‘stacking the cards’ from the deck in his favour and setting the ‘next’ agenda for the tory party ahead of the next leadership election; that [May] actually happen quite soon now that the ‘famed’ 1922 Committee is also now beginning to voice their displeasure with the party leader. These are, after all, unprecedented times in deep uncharted waters! In doing so he, (Javid). is both firmly and forcibly pushing hard to be certain of winning sufficient support among the rank and file members of that very same party that is no longer fit to govern having quite literally torn themselves apart. I mean, almost half of the current cabinet have not voted of late with their own leader, and yet still the PM no longer has the ‘authority’ to fire then and instead clings on to power herself!!!

(p.s. must remember to check which former MP came out in the commons in the last century and said, “In the name of god man, GO!”)

However, I did also hear another broadcast just a few days ago that suggested it was a wholly bad thing for our country that the next leader of the now (‘barely just’) ruling tory party, as Prime Minister, would be charged with resolving those big, big, big Brexit issues; and that it was then an awful shame that this person would be selected from the relatively small proportion of all voters, this ‘tiny’ set of tory party membership, and not at all representative of the needs of our now very fractured nation as a whole.

Now given the fact that those tory ‘bad boys’, (that cabal of Cameron, Gove & Johnson, and later the tory head ‘bad girl’ herself), did put us in this sorry mess called Brexit in the first instance, do take a moment to ask whether you would want another such tory ‘bad boy’, (in the form of Javid this time), to be given the responsibility to resolve those same problems? Please don’t arrange to have me sent to no ‘Asylum‘, as Supertramp do say, as the ‘Lunatics’ have now well and truly taken them over and those people are now also inside our heads giving us ‘Brain Damage‘, as Pink Floyd do say in ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ album; as can be proved beyond doubt with all the recent shenanigans of late with their voting debacles and the very deliberate running down the clock by our PM, in order to ‘force’ a degree of compliance amongst fellow MP’s.

Surely we are again now in need of another temporary national coalition government, similar to that at the time of the last major disaster facing our country at the beginning of the Second World War, rather than again go through the motions, elect another leader; and allow them to say once again, ‘Here’s to not mucking it up’, as spoken by Gary Oldman, acting as Winston Churchill in the private family celebration prior to taking his new office of PM, during the film Darkest Hour? What do you think???

If there is anything at all that we can learn from this stupendous fiasco, it must be that none of our current set of politicians, not on their own at the very least, should ever be entrusted to deliver a decent Brexit! Most certainly-not ahead of either their own vested or paid-up business interests through legitimate party donations with accompanying, (‘non-spoken’), expectations, generic party politics by all parties, or other personal considerations. Therefore, this is my own rationale behind the suggestion that he, (Sajid Javid), or any other ‘pretender’ from that ‘rabble’, should not be solely allowed at the ‘reigns’ for the remainder of the Brexit, (or non-Brexit), debate for as long as this very divisive ‘discussion’ continues! I truly believe that only a coalition government representative of all parties could ever now be trusted to work for the good of the people after this last month’s showing in our parliament, where the elected members have truly failed our nation as an institution and are no longer representative of the people who both voted and helped to put them there!

“…that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” This, the extract and that famous quote from Abraham Lincoln from the Gettysburg Address, 19 November, 1863.

Perhaps we could learn a good thing or two here from our distant cousins across the water!

p.s. ‘This Is It’, Michael J. My very last post on Brexit, WHATEVER happens next! (As this is far too time-consuming and also ‘doing my head in too! So stressful trying to be rational with so many illogical subjects, both human and not!)

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