MakingITwork for you


Welcome To Our Website

Who are we?
We are a very small company with a very niche set of ideals and training solutions.
What do we do that is different?
We promote and practise joined-up thinking by perpetuating cause and effect with our subject matter. In addition to training when invited to do so, our aim is to address many of those elusive shortcomings that exist within organisations and may be of detriment to operations, and our goal is to do so with a minimum of fuss and a degree of flexibility.
Why use such an unusual name?
For us, the name fedupwithIT is the byword we have chosen for our qualitative approach and more importantly sometimes also your own recognition of the need to do different, as often heard spoken by many, so don’t just be fed up with it - do something about it.


We deliver solutions as tailored services by way of consultation, lectures, or coaching to any number of individuals. We are able to provide one-to-one and group coaching sessions to inspire confidence, and work at all levels to foster a mutual understanding of objectives and gain full commitment to actions.

We venture into schools and colleges too with modules designed to introduce our next lieutenants and captains of industry to the realisms of the actual working environment that they are potentially likely to face in the very near future.