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Our Work

We provide teaching and consultuancy services in just a few select areas where we believe that we can make a big difference. We operate the four services as defined below in two distinct divisions, TEACH and CONSULT.

Provide ESOL lessons and courses to predominantly foreign students of all ages. These will be traditional classes utilising standard teaching methods and materials, run from any combination of business and domestic premises.

Facilitate on-line Guroo lessons and courses as a part of our skills learning and monitoring improvement package, for up to 6 persons. We work with students studying GCSE Maths & English at home, and other learners taking the functional skills courses for English, Maths, and ICT.

More specialised tuition services delivering modules covering subjects such as Lateral Thinking, Leadership, Change Management, and other bespoke modules prepared to clients own specifications, mostly delivered at business premises.

Consultancy work addressing everyday or persistent computing problems and providing solutions (The Virtual IT Manager), UAT (User Acceptance Testing) & UI (User Interface) design and implementation, and The Green Services.