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The Green Services

This is our answer to addressing conflict resolution. With our Green Services you can be afforded an ideal opportunity to acquire a proper analysis and investigation into a given problem area and all done with full co-operation from all participants within your organisation.

The real purpose of this service is to get right to the heart of the problem, the full nitty gritty so to speak, and identify the key requirements! It is also important to recognise and stress that the process deployed is primarily for the indentification of the said problem and the correct representation as seen from the perspective of the participants, the stakeholders, the departments, the organisation & beyond!

This is not an example of a kind of whisleblower service by any means;
in fact the aim is just the opposite, and the goal is so much more transparent >
to forego criticism or blame and help towards seeking an improvement.

The core elements of this service are those listed below, please enquire for full details.

The Green 'X' Code

This is effectively a set of rules of engagement that is agreed between all parties of the consultation to ensure that the rights of both the organisation and the employees are protected and observed, and explicit boundaries are set where these are required. Such an exercise should not only have an objective to encourage the flow of information - but also keep the resultant findings and any disclosures safe within the organisation too!

The Green Man

The consultant is the arbitrator at the meetings and also the facilitator of the report. With this dual role, it is always important to gain the trust of those involved by being allowed to operate freely, and with impartiality, save for the parameters set within the Green 'X' Code.

The Green Room

This is essentially any meeting place, and not necessarily within the premises, where the group discussions are conducted to collect information and examine any issues. This can also include private sessions with individuals too where anonymity, with impunity, will be granted to ensure that the true nature of a given problem can be established.

The Green Report

The main product of the service! This will be a full dossier of the findings concluded from all the exercises conducted, and will normally be presented in the form of a report that will also include a 'Rich picture', (a cartoon-like pictorial representation of the problem).